Alan Clayson

the books, the music the performance.....


‘I can honestly say I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT IN MY LIFE!!!’ - Wokingham Times   


‘Clayson and the Argonauts were one of rock's most glorious and enjoyable follies, and somewhere there is a parallel universe where they are bigger than the Beatles’ - Rock 'N' Reel (RNR)


 ‘Is he a singer? Author? Musician? Of course he is all of these things, but I think he is mostly a poet actually’ – The Beat

 ‘Clayson's writing is mesmerising, and he litters the book with anecdotes that are a joy to read -Classic Rock


‘His portrayal of the screaming claustrophobia of post-war petit bourgeois mores is both heartfelt and utterly hilarious’ - MOJO

 ‘Clayson is in a premier position on rock's lunatic fringe’ - Melody Maker


‘Incredibly strange and strangely incredible’ - Ugly Things


'Clayson's radio show is as wacky as anything else you will hear on BBC Radio Two' - The Guardian


‘Theirs is an idiosyncratic and uniquely anachronistic tack, all the more so as a vehicle for Clayson’s neo-Shakespearean lyrics…music drenched in trickery and unexpected turns…as deeply and heavily layered as velvet curtains that open onto a musical of rocky-horror-show proportions’ – Rock ‘N’ Reel (RNR)


‘Clayson usually brings enthusiastic, authoritative insight and a refreshingly salty attitude to his beat-pop reminiscences. His labyrinthine prose and simmering resentment at the indulgent mediocrity of some who make it ‘big’ make for a lively read’ - Gramophone

‘Superlatives such as Legendary, Heroic, Lionhearted, Maverick, Icon(oclast) are being tossed ’round far too indiscriminately these days, but in the case of Alan Clayson, and his Argonauts’ first utterly new album in three decades, they really only tip the sonic iceberg so to speak… – Pop Diggers


‘Whatever the musical merits of Clayson's material, you just couldn't take your eyes off the stage - though sometimes you watched between the cracks in your fingers’ - Blues Matters  


‘Clayson and the Argonauts have outlasted almost all the competition that went onto more commercial success from 1976. It would be fitting if THIS CANNOT GO ON… instead referred to the end of being a cult and the start of a late burst in popularity’ – Tomas All

 ’A bleak, way-out experience...moments of sheer hell...’ - Zabadak




 By turns absurd and entrancing, if you're prepared to stay on the bus it makes for an exhilarating ride - Rock ‘N’ Reel [R2]


 ‘He has a sense of humour as morbid as his subject’s’ - Literary Review

An entertaining and even-handed portrait that will make you damned glad you didn't grow up in 1950s Cheltenham’ – Q  


 ‘The placement of Alan Clayson behind the pulpit of an old English church is perhaps inspired choice, effectively casting him as some slightly mad vicar banished to a small country parish’ - Ugly Things


 ‘Clayson’s knowledge of the period is probably unparalleled and always unerringly accurate’ - Q


 'John Cleese recast as a groupie' – Los Angeles Times


‘His delivery and performance style has led to a deserved cult status’ - Time Out


‘Hugely entertaining. Jacques would have approved’ - Rock ‘N’ Reel [RNR]


‘Everything here is equal to the doomed romanticism that was Brel’s trademark’ - Record Collector


‘A complex emotional landscape of understated dynamics and dark aesthetics’ - Folk on Tap


‘Madcap but pop-worthy vignettes of supernatural events in mundane locations illuminate the human condition’ – MOJO


‘Perhaps a documentary film is the way to address it? Somehow it all hangs together, I’m not entirely sure how or why. ‘One Dover Soul’ is a fish out of water and for that reason alone we should celebrate the fact that it can exist at all in these disposable times. The Next Big Thing


 ‘He has CHARISMA as well as something pertinent to say about practically everything! I scan the audience as he performs…no one can take their eyes off of him. The Argonauts are tighter than a fat girl’s girdle. Would I see this band again? Hell yes, and hire a coach to take my mates’ – Groovers On Manoeuvres


‘An underappreciated sovereign of songcraft’ - Rock ‘N’ Reel [RNR]


‘Definitely more than a performance - an experience’ - Village Voice